I am obsessively fascinated with color, texture, textile design, and form, although most of the images and inspiration I find for art are drawn from my childhood background.


I grew up in the Japanese countryside, near the edge of a pond thriving in bio-diversity. I would spend long summer days collecting all manner of insects, leaves and stones to escape my isolation.

After attending Art and Design University in Kyoto, I moved to New York City, in 2001, and was strongly influenced by the urban experience; how metropolitan living tends toward disconnection and results in an existence bereft of intimacy.


Through the making of art, I engage this disconnection: from the community of humankind, and from the natural world.

Working in mixed media allows me to create different layers of acrylic paint, ink drawing, collage and printmaking in the overlay of various surfaces and visual effects resulting from this process, I can suggest the passage of time and recollection of memory.